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bags Advantages of Customised Plastic Packaging That’s Fit for Your Products January 13, 2016

When businesses manufacture products, they not only must pay attention to every detail of the process, including what type of packaging encases the products for protection and sale purposes. Packaging must be able to carry the company’s brand and come in a variety of sizes and styles. In addition, it has to be durable, waterproof, […]

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vacuum Advantages of Plastic Vacuum Packaging December 11, 2015

Vacuum packaging is an effective method for packaging all types of items in an environment void of air. First, you place your products in a plastic-film package, and then a special machine sucks out all the air from the package before you seal it. Packaging such as this is ideal for all types of products […]

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pack Characteristics of Polyethylene or PE: Why Is This Commonly Used for Packaging? December 3, 2015

Polyethylene is one of the most popular plastics in the packaging industry today. This plastic is made through a polymerisation process with ethylene that results in a lightweight, synthetic resin that has a number of different uses as far as packages for products. In addition, it is a member of the polyolefin family of resins. […]

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bag2 The Versatility of Plastic Drawstring Bags November 18, 2015

Plastic drawstring bags are a highly versatile packaging option. You can market your products in the bags. You promote your brand in a favourable manner when you turn to this type of bag. Your customers even can reuse the bags for their own purposes. Read on to discover why Fusion Packaging believes these bags are […]

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garment Advantages of Using Garment Covers for Your Clothing November 6, 2015

Clothes or garments come at a high price today, so it is important to protect them in the proper manner at all times. An easy way to accomplish this is by covering them with garment covers or bags of polypropylene, poly vinyl chloride or PVC, or polyethylene vinyl acetate or PEVA. Fusion Packaging provides a […]

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manchester Uses of Manchester Plastic Packaging October 27, 2015

Manchester plastic packaging is a clear PVC packaging option for companies to use to protect their merchandise. With this option, customers can view the items inside it without touching them. No harm comes to the items for this reason. A clear view is not the only reason to use this packaging, as it is also […]

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bag Important Applications of Functional Cosmetic Packaging October 12, 2015

Cosmetic packaging is more than just containers to secure cosmetics. This type of packaging has a vast amount of benefits and uses that can be applied to a variety of packing needs. From novelties in 3D designs to Eco friendly double polished clear phthalate free PVC materials, cosmetic packing is a new innovative solution. Personal […]

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pouch Top Most Important Factors When Choosing Plastic Packaging September 23, 2015

Plastic packaging is one of the most popular and popularly employed means of packing in the modern age, it is literally used for everything. Its semi-elastic, lightweight, waterproof, and impact-proof nature makes it an ideal choice in any industry for packing and storing all sorts of products. For obvious reasons, one of the most popular […]

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bag What Is PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride Packaging? September 11, 2015

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is a plastic that falls into the category of a thermoplastic resin, which means that heat re-softens it. Polyvinyl chloride packaging comes in a flexible or rigid form. With the use of various fabrication methods, workers form PVC into bottles, blister packs, food wrap, zip or drawstring bags, and more to […]

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