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Year: 2015

Advantages of Plastic Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum packaging is an effective method for packaging all types of items in an environment void of air. First, you place your products in a plastic-film package, and then a special machine sucks out all the air from the package before you seal it. Packaging such as this is ideal for all types of products from food to sweaters. Refer to our list of benefits below to learn why you should consider plastic vacuum packaging to protect your merchandise.

1. It Extends Shelf Life

Vacuum packing products will extend their shelf life by keeping them free from dirt, debris and other harmful substances, especially with food products. You can even freeze items that are in this type of packaging since the plastic packaging is durable.

2. Protect Products from Bacteria and Fungus

Products will receive adequate protection against bacteria and fungus when they are in a plastic vacuum package. For this reason, you guarantee the safety of food products for human consumption. You also keep mold from forming on cloth items, though, when you package them in a vacuum environment since you prevent all moisture from dampening the items.

3. The Ability to Stock Shelves with Additional Products

Plastic vacuum packaging provides you with the ability to stock additional products on your shelves. Since the air does not take up space in this type of packaging, the packaging requires less space on your shelves. As a result, you will find it easier to stock enough products to keep up with the demands of your customers.

4. Cost-Effective Packaging

Vacuum plastic packaging is a low-cost method for presenting and protecting your products. For a minimum investment, you will be able to enclose a large number of products in their own air-free environment.

5. Products Will Not Cost Extra to Ship

Plastic vacuum packages are lightweight to the point that they do not add extra cost to the shipping price for your products. You will save money transporting the products to your stores or warehouses, and your consumers will discover that their shipping costs are highly affordable for their budgets.

Discover all the above advantages and other ones for plastic vacuum packaging with your own products. When you do this, you will increase the efficiency of your packaging efforts to the point where you will increase your profits. In addition, customers will always receive your products in ideal condition for their use each time they make a purchase from you.

Characteristics of Polyethylene or PE: Why Is This Commonly Used for Packaging?

Polyethylene is one of the most popular plastics in the packaging industry today. This plastic is made through a polymerisation process with ethylene that results in a lightweight, synthetic resin that has a number of different uses as far as packages for products. In addition, it is a member of the polyolefin family of resins. You will discover this plastic in everything from detergent bottles to garment bags, such as the ones we offer here at our company. To discover further information on this plastic, read about its characteristics in the info that follows. We will also explain why it makes an ideal package material.

Features of This Plastic

PE is highly resistant to chemicals, which means it provides excellent protection in a package application against harm. On top of this, it can come in clear and non-transparent bags or containers. Another beneficial fact about this plastic is that it is cost-effective to manufacture. A feature such as this means that the packages containing this plastic also is budget-friendly for companies to turn to for their products.

The Different Forms of This Plastic

Polyethylene resin comes in various forms, and each form has its own specific purposes. Read about some of these forms and their uses below:

• The low-density version of this resin or LDPE has a flexible nature, and its main applications are trash bags, package films, toys and grocery bags for just some of the applications for it.

• While the linear low-density type of this plastic or LLDPE, has similar qualities to LDPE, its chemical makeup varies slightly.

• The high-density version of this resin or HDPE has a higher melting point that LDPE and can go through a sterilisation process. As a result, manufacturers utilise it for blown-molded containers, extruded films, blow-extruded bags and other products.

• Ethylene copolymers contain ethylene that has been copolymerised with other materials, such as the polyethylene acetate or PEVA that our company uses certain styles of our garment bags. PEVA provides moisture and oil resistance, and this is why it makes ideal garment bags to protect clothing.

With the low cost of production, its durability and flexibility of uses for this plastic, it is a reliable packaging material for all types of items today. In addition, it is a lightweight option, which means it does not burden the users with unreasonable shipping costs just to cover the additional weight of the packaging. Consult with our company today to learn all of our PE and other products that you may find useful for your business.

The Versatility of Plastic Drawstring Bags

Plastic drawstring bags are a highly versatile packaging option. You can market your products in the bags. You promote your brand in a favourable manner when you turn to this type of bag. Your customers even can reuse the bags for their own purposes. Read on to discover why Fusion Packaging believes these bags are your versatile option for packaging.


Drawstring bags such as these are extremely affordable since you can purchase them in bulk quantities of 400 per box. As a product package, it is imperative for these bags to be an inexpensive option. Fusion understands that your company realises higher profits when it utilises the right packaging options.

Durable and Spacious

Our drawstring bags are clear and made from double polished PVC, which resists punctures and is waterproof. The seams a sealed with heat to strengthen them. We add two 3-mm drawstrings that you pull from each side in unison to close the bags. With a diameter of 15 cm and a height of 30 cm, you have a spacious interior area to pack your products in safely.

Printable for Branding Purposes

The PVC is printable in order for you to add your brand, company logo or other information to the bags. Promoting your products in this manner will increase your sales and imprint your brand in the minds of your customers. You need people to think about the quality of your products at the mere mention of your name.

Attractive for Marketing

Since you can create the plastic drawstring bags to state your unique message with graphics, they make an attractive marketing tool. The packaging of your products must lure customers to them in order for you to make a sale.


Drawstring bags of PVC are a reusable packaging option. Customers, once they empty them at home to use the product that the bags contain, they can carry or store cosmetics, clothes or other items in the bags.

Lightweight Packaging

PVC drawstring bags are a lightweight packaging option and this will reduce your shipping costs and those of your customers. In addition, since the bags are not thick in nature, you can store additional products on your shelves compared to bulkier packaging options.

Sell for Gift Bags

Utilize these bags as a standalone product. Decorate them for the holidays, birthdays or other occasions people celebrate throughout the year and sell them as gift bags. Today, people turn to reusable gift bags such as these PVC bags to present their gifts to their loved ones.

If you discover that you require custom options for your plastic drawstring bags, please consult with Fusion Packaging to learn how we accommodate your needs. We strive to meet the needs of all our clients in a quality manner.

Advantages of Using Garment Covers for Your Clothing

Clothes or garments come at a high price today, so it is important to protect them in the proper manner at all times. An easy way to accomplish this is by covering them with garment covers or bags of polypropylene, poly vinyl chloride or PVC, or polyethylene vinyl acetate or PEVA. Fusion Packaging provides a number of different models of these bags that provide protection to your garments.

Uses for Garment Bags

1. People can protect out-of-season clothes in the closet by inserting them into garment bags before hanging them on the rack in the closet. Individuals prevent their clothes from attracting dust, moths or other unwanted elements over the months that they will not be wearing the clothes.

2. Travelers will keep suits, dresses, blouses and shirts wrinkle free while they travel with garment bags. They can hang the clothes in their car or have the flight attendance hang the garments in a special compartment on the plane. In addition, they can utilize these garment bags while they travel by other modes of transportation to safeguard their clothes.

3. People protect clothes during shipping or moving them. They can place their dresses, shirts, blouses and suits in the bags. Then, they fold them in half as they place them in the corrugated containers. Once the clothes reach their destination, the clothes are easy to hang right out of the box. If the garments require steaming, this can be performed at a later date.

4. Individuals will prevent moisture from harming their clothes on rainy days, especially as they leave the dry cleaners to return home. Certain fabrics are quite sensitive to water and may develop unsightly watermarks.

Benefits of Using Garment Bags

• Durable enough for traveling, shipping and moving
• Water resistant once you close the zipper
• Highly affordable clothes protector
• Lightweight in nature, which will not increase the cost of shipping when they are used for this purpose
• The materials in the garment covers will not harm fabrics

Sizes of Garment Bags

We offer a wide assortment of sizes in garment bags to fit your specific needs. Learn about these sizes below:

• PEVA dark beige, dress covers are 61 cm x 137 cm
• PEVA navy blue, suit covers are 61 cm x 101.5 cm
• Polypropylene non-woven, dark beige, dress covers measure 61 cm x 137 cm
• Polypropylene non-woven, navy blue, suit covers measure 61 cm x 101.5 cm
• PVC navy blue, suit covers come in 61 cm x 137 cm and 61 cm x 101.5 cm

You can buy these bags in lots of 100, and they are printable in case you wish to expand your brand through the bags. Contact Fusion Packaging for further details on our garment covers or our other available items.

Uses of Manchester Plastic Packaging

Manchester plastic packaging is a clear PVC packaging option for companies to use to protect their merchandise. With this option, customers can view the items inside it without touching them. No harm comes to the items for this reason. A clear view is not the only reason to use this packaging, as it is also durable and attractive. Fusion Packaging offers a variety of sizes of this PVC packaging in order to fulfil your packaging needs with all types of products from tablecloths to pillows.

Various Styles and Sizes of PVC Packaging

Manchester plastic packaging comes in various styles and sizes, including such ones as:

The above are just a sampling of the sizes and styles of PVC packaging available from our company. We also carry a number of other options.

Possible Uses for PVC Packaging

Our PVC options for packaging manufactured from quality materials to ensure that they are durable enough to protect a wide range of merchandise. You can select a suitable size bag for items, such as:

Whatever packaging you decide to place your merchandise in, it must provide you with numerous benefits, or it will not protect your items as it should daily. Remember, your company’s merchandise needs to go through multiple stages before it reaches the hands of customers. Packaging has to protect the items effectively through each stage. Our PVC packaging options provide you with the following benefits:

Manchester plastic packaging is only one of the packaging options we have to offer to you. Consult with our staff members here at Fusion Packaging to discover the exact style and size of bags that will fit your needs. We work with you on the various design options, styles and sizes to ensure that you obtain the packaging your merchandise requires for proper protection and branding.

Important Applications of Functional Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic packaging is more than just containers to secure cosmetics. This type of packaging has a vast amount of benefits and uses that can be applied to a variety of packing needs. From novelties in 3D designs to Eco friendly double polished clear phthalate free PVC materials, cosmetic packing is a new innovative solution.

Personal Care Packing

Designers for cosmetics and personal care packaging expertly fashion containers that are ideal for the needs of the consumer. There are four crucial areas that define the ideal packaging design:

Clever packaging always considers product design. From the initial onset to completion, creative assembly and state-of-the-art material knowledge delivers a catalyst for ultimate packaging.

Sustainable Options

Sustainable business practices are on the rise and for good reason. Eco friendly packaging can reduce the environmental impact by the use of sustainable materials such as phthalate free PVC. In addition, sustainable options can also be chic and stylish. In fact, many environmentally receptive designs are intriguing and in vogue with fashion.

Functional and Captivating

Cosmetic package designs need to be functional, captivating and stylish. At first, the design may seem spontaneous. But in actuality, the enterprise requires brilliant creativity, keen study on trends and knowledge of technical structure and materials that are applicable.

Moreover, effective packaging needs to make a personal impact on consumers, from onset to lasting impressions. Therefore it is crucial that the design is well thought out and craftily articulated.

Important Applications for Cosmetic Packaging

When it comes to advanced cosmetic packing, there a many styles and shapes to choose from. In truth, the wide variety of packaging options makes it simple to fit the needs of businesses and consumers. Today’s packing choices for cosmetics and personal care range from drawstring to 3D designs, plus heat sealed seams and clear material for optimal viewing are important features. The variations are insurmountable.

Drawstring Cylinder Bag – This type of packaging is ideal for traveling and everyday use. The drawstring cylinder bag is perfect for holding a variety of cosmetics and can also be used for toiletry items, travels needs like toothpaste and sample shampoos, gift items and promotional products.

Clear Zipper Bag – The perfect packaging for household and traveling needs such as sewing essentials, bed and bathroom needs and small school supplies like erasers, pencils, sharpeners and scissors.

Accessory Bag – The accessory bag is a multi-purpose packaging design for functional displaying and home organizing. It has two metal snaps on the flap for easy closing and a hanger on the top. The handle makes it simple to display products and is a user-friendly option for consumers. For home use this style of packaging can be utilized in all rooms of the house. It is perfect for small bathroom items, tiny kitchen accessories, miniature craft items and more.

Other Types of Functional Cosmetic Packaging

Some of the many types of functional cosmetic package options include zipper bags with sturdy rope handles or a hanging loop, snap on flap bags, security purse zipper bags and streamline slider zipper bags for easy and economical packing.

Top Most Important Factors When Choosing Plastic Packaging

Plastic packaging is one of the most popular and popularly employed means of packing in the modern age, it is literally used for everything. Its semi-elastic, lightweight, waterproof, and impact-proof nature makes it an ideal choice in any industry for packing and storing all sorts of products. For obvious reasons, one of the most popular materials stored and package in plastic is food, although things like cosmetics, clothing, and industrial tools are likewise packaged in plastic, food businesses rely almost solely on plastic packaging.

Its prolific use has revolutionised plastic and the packaging industry, and all industries that use it, and there are now a myriad of different packaging solutions to choose from. Here are some quick tips to remember when choosing the right kind of packaging and plastic for your business:

A Quick Look at Picking the Right Plastic Packaging for Food and Beverages

When it comes to food service, specialised packaging is necessary, and plastic is perfect for this purpose. Thankfully, food-grade plastic is available for all packaging needs. Unlike standard plastic, food-grade plastic is devoid of toxic additives, colouring agents and other substances that may leach into food and possibly contaminate it.

Industrial Plastic for Packaging of Goods and Parcels

Industrial-grade plastic is far more versatile as a packaging when compared to food-grade plastics, chiefly because its standards are less stringent. If you’re considering selling or otherwise packing assortment of goods in plastic for a non-food business or for personal use, then there is a very wide range of industrial plastics and packaging that you can opt for.

Investing in other Types of Plastics for Packaging

Consider investing in affordable plastic packaging made of PVC – a tear-resistant, lightweight compound that can be dyed an assortment of colours or left completely transparent for easy viewing of the product. Due to the aesthetic and practical nature of PVC, it is a prime choice for all sorts of product packaging options. Like all plastic packages, these can be moulded to any desired shaped and specifications and is 100% water-resistant. Where can you avail of all these types of plastics and package solutions?

Fusion Packaging
offers exactly this type of packaging solutions for home, office, and for industrial uses. You are invited to visit our Company’s expansive catalogue of packaging solutions; we have something for every business, and for every packaging need. Never fall short of the right packaging material for your products and personal items, plastic is really the best option.

What Is PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride Packaging?

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is a plastic that falls into the category of a thermoplastic resin, which means that heat re-softens it. Polyvinyl chloride packaging comes in a flexible or rigid form. With the use of various fabrication methods, workers form PVC into bottles, blister packs, food wrap, zip or drawstring bags, and more to keep items from a number of different industries safe in storage or distribution settings. Here at Fusion Packaging we concentrate on manufacturing a wide assortment of stock bags that are even customisable when necessary.

Advantages of PVC Packaging

1. Lightweight

As it is lightweight in nature, packaging with polyvinyl chloride can reduce transportation costs. Bulkier choices increase the weight of the item to the point where industries realize that their shipping costs are too high for their operating budgets at times. Once they change to this less bulky option, they often can meet or lower their shipping budgets.

2. Durable

Polyvinyl chloride packaging is durable. Our bags will hold all types of merchandise ranging from sewing kits to blankets without tearing or breaking. Packaging such as this is from the flexible form of PVC, so it contains a stretchable quality to a point.

3. Odourless

Polyvinyl chloride is odourless, so packaging made with it will not taint the merchandise with an unpleasant aroma. A benefit such as this is valuable no matter what merchandise is inside this packaging.

4. Waterproof

PVC packaging is nonporous and waterproof. It will keep merchandise dry, which also prevents mildew on cloth items. At times during the shipping process, merchandise can be exposed to water from rain or other sources.

5. Printable

Branding is easy with this packaging as it is printable. As a result, businesses can include company logos, product specifications and other information on each PVC bag.

6. Recyclable

Polyvinyl chloride is recyclable. Users should check with their local recycle agencies to learn the ones that specialise in recycling plastics such as this one. Today, we understand that this is an important feature for products to offer whenever possible.

7. Cost-Effective

Packaging with this plastic is cost-effective when compared to the bulkier options available today. In addition, the durability and performance of this packaging provide a company with higher returns on its investment.

8. Wide Assortment of Sizes Are Possible

PVC bags range from small drawstring ones up to large ones that are roomy enough for a bed comforter. A company can select whichever sizes and styles suit their merchandise or purpose the best. Companies regularly require multiple sizes to fulfil their packaging needs.

Businesses, organizations and other types of establishments that are in search of a viable packaging option should consider the advantages of the polyvinyl chloride packaging.


Clear PVC Heat Sealed Bag

Item No. Bag Dimensions Quantity Per Box
A:1002 19cm x 25cm + 5cm 250
A:1004 20cm x 25cm + 5cm 250
A:1006 21cm x 26cm + 5cm 250
A:1008 26cm x 36cm + 9cm 500
A:1009 27cm x 37.5cm + 9cm 500
A:1010 28.5cm x 40cm + 9cm 500
A:1011 27cm x 37.5cm + 9cm 250
A:1015 27.5cm x 36cm + 9cm 250
A:1016 28cm x 37.5cm + 9cm 250
A:1018 28.5cm x 37.5cm + 9cm 250
A:1024 29cm x 40cm + 9cm 250
A:1026 30cm x 40cm + 9cm 250
A:1027 30.5cm x 40cm + 9cm 250
A:1029 31cm x 40cm + 9cm 250
A:1033 33cm x 45cm + 9cm 250
A:1034 35cm x 46cm + 9cm 250

SD Covers:PVC-S

Poly Vinyl Chloride Suit Covers in Navy Blue

Dimensions: 61cm x 101.5cm

Quantity Per Box: 100

Handle Type: N/A